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Mamahood is a crazy journey full of amazing highs and lows. One thing is for sure, once you are a mama your life looks and feels different in ways that you'D maybe never imagined.

MamaClub started because we wanted to create a space for Mamas to be themselves, to connect with other like-minded women and to have some fun (while maybe learning something new along the way!). 

We are passionate about learning and we believe that it is possible to be Mama Extraordinaire while continuing to develop ourselves as women. Sure, life is busier now than it ever has been. MamaClub is here to provide a space where you can have some MamaTime, meet new people, and invest in your own personal development.  


HELLO! I'm Claire Whitehouse, founder of MamaClub.

I am wife to James, Mama to Woody (our pre-schooler!), Stanley (our baby - for now!) and Betsy the sausage dog (our first born) .

My life's work has been in the field of learning and development.  I have spent the last 15 years working with people across different industries all over the world who all want to better themselves in one way or another. I have been lucky enough to design and facilitate excellent learning solutions for organisations globally, from leadership training to large-scale engagement programmes and everything in between.

Seeing people leave a workshop having fallen back in love with their work or organisation is amazing. Facilitating learning that gives people the confidence to explore new ideas or consider different ways of working is brilliant. Giving people the space to work through challenges and support each other to test different strategies is hugely rewarding. Helping people to find their true purpose is something I am thankful for.

My vision for MamaClub is to bring these experiences to mums everywhere. To provide the kind of learning that makes a real difference to lives. To challenge, stretch and motivate mamas to grow and develop. To provide the space to do it safely, and without judgment.

Come along to an event or workshop and join us!