The Waiting Game

I’m so bad at waiting generally.  I mean, I am SO bad that I get visibly triggered when I have to wait for the bill in a restaurant.  Or when they take ages to take your plates away.  Or when people talk (or walk) too slowly.  Come on!  I haven’t got all day!

So now I am nearing the end of this pregnancy I am faced with the prospect of waiting indefinitely for baby’s big arrival. 

If you had spent any time with me in the last week or so you would be forgiven for thinking that I was weeks overdue…. I am actually just 40 weeks pregnant today.  Firstly I am huge…. absolutely massive.  The cashier in the petrol station last week asked if I was expecting triplets, which as you can imagine I was delighted to hear.

Then if you had spoken to me, you will know that I fully expected baby to arrive early. Not least because it is my second, and everyone knows that the second baby always flies out weeks before your due date and in like 15 minutes!  No?

Then there’s the fact that Baby No 1 arrived 2 days early also, so it is a given that Baby No 2 will also be early too…right? So…today is due date.  40 weeks.  I have been pregnant for so long now I can’t remember what it’s like not to be pregnant. 

And for many, 40 weeks is no big deal considering what an estimate the due date actually is.  Did you know that our widely recognised calculation for estimating a due date is based on a formula called Naegele’s rule, which basically takes the first day of your last period and adds 280 days to it?  Why 280 days?  Well because those in the know in Ancient Greece (namely Aristotle) decided that the average pregnancy length was 10 lunar months.  So there we go. I have been basing everything on the fact that Aristotle used the stars to predict the length of my pregnancy. 

So why then do we put so much pressure on our due date?

Well, for me, it is a bit of a target – baby is arriving then.  Fact. It has been in the calendar since we found out we were pregnant.  We made plans around it (moving house, renovating house, work stuff). 

Then there’s the pressure you feel as a mama to give birth on or near that date.  My midwife saw me in week 38 and doesn’t want to see me again until week 41, when she will offer me a sweep (lovely).

Also I am never late for anything.  The importance of being on time or better still, early, has been firmly instilled in me from an early age and it’s just bad manners to be late isn’t it?

I have packed, repacked, and triple packed my hospital bag. It’s now actually 3 bags because each time I pack it, I add more crap to it that I might need (I’d prefer to have those battery operated candles and not need them, than to need them and not have them).

I have eaten more hot curries than you could ever imagine.   Been on long walks, used herbal oils and generally done all the things on the list to get things moving.

I was so convinced yesterday that baby was coming I packed off my firstborn to his grandparents overnight ready to go into labour, announcing to everyone that it WILL happen in the next 24 hours. And….nothing.

So here I am.  Due date and ready.  What now? What can an impatient pregnant woman do to pass the time?  I’ve watched all the Housewives/Kardashians ever made.  What else is there to do?I know I know, just relax and let nature take its course *sighs with boredom and thinks of another project to start*.

I’ll keep you posted.


Claire Whitehouse