Change is your friend...honest!

I am writing this at 29 weeks pregnant with Baby Number 2.  

Having been busily self-employed for the last 3 years it never occurred to me that the day would come when there would be no work. And here we are, it's been 4 months since I had paid work and 4 months of ups and downs as I tried to come to terms with the huge change in my life.

It has been one hell of a journey....first of all trying to qualify why there was no work (am I just rubbish at what I do?)...waking up in the middle of the night thinking how I could have done better at the last few work projects (maybe I should have stayed later, done extra...maybe I shouldn't have pissed the client off so much in that meeting....) and then the panic and stress of what this means for our family set in (how the hell are we going to pay the bills?!).

And after that trying to find solutions (should I just ride it out?  Focus on the new baby?  Spend more time with Baby Number 1? Look for a permanent job?).  It was enough to keep me awake most nights with worry.

But then I turned a corner which has made a huge difference to my mindset, and which has set the wheels in motion for what looks to be a very exciting future.

I started to accept that my work doesn't need to be limited to what I did previously, that there could be other ways of working which may even make me happier.  I started to think about what I actually enjoy (meeting people who 'get me') what I get a buzz from (people's stories of how they have used what they learnt to improve their lives) and what I am actually good at (facilitating brilliant learning in a fun and exciting way).

I started to treat this quiet work time as a huge opportunity.  And guest what?  I started to get busy.

I've always wanted to start something and I always knew I had it in me to do something good for people.  I just never knew what it was.  But these last few months have given me the space to see what was in front of me all along - bringing my expertise in learning to my new world (of Mama) is where it should be!

Slowly I started to see that Mamas were being a bit short changed.  Events and learning for us to non-existent!  Sure, there are plenty of great groups to take your babies along to, but if you want more than that, if you want to actually engage your brain and have some precious time for you....then you might be disappointed.

So here it solution...MamaClub.  It comes from the heart and I believe it can help mamas out there at any stage of their journey.  

I'd love to hear your thoughts on being a Mama and your own development - get in touch!



Claire Whitehouse