mamaworks: mamaclub for employers



Modern day life is not always easy for working parents, we know that. The juggle of raising a family and a successful career is something that challenges parents everyday. Bringing our best selves to work day after day is harder than it ever has been with reduced sleep, little people demanding our attention round the clock, and a life that is generally very different to how it once was.

No longer do the two worlds of ‘work’ and ‘home’ exist in isolation. Modern day life brings with it a merging of the two. Employers who ‘get it’ are holding on to their talented mothers and enjoying greater success as a result.

The good news is that going back to work today is an active family decision - one parents take seriously. After having our babies, what we do for work is a carefully considered, strategic choice. if we are going to leave our children then our work needs to be meaningful.

Yes, that includes the fundamentals like pay (childcare costs in England are among the highest in the world. *source: OECD). but after that, we need to work for an employer who ‘gets it’, who supports us and understands that as mothers we now have more responsibilities, fuller lives. We also have so much more to offer in return.

at MamaClub we work with mums to support them on the journey of motherhood, through providing a supportive community and best-in-class learning and development. We focus on developing mamas to be the best version of themselves - both at home AND at work.

if you are an employer who ‘gets it’, we can work together to provide your mums with the support and development they need to be brilliant.

We are proud to now offer a unique extended development program for working mums, providing the support to grow, develop, and excel at home and at work.

If you are an interested employer, get in touch today!