The MamaRocks Wheel is a practical diagnostic tool designed to help you to reflect and focus on your life and your personal development. The model has 6 different areas which together make up your ‘world’.

The idea is that by raising our awareness of our curent situation, we can choose to take actions. thinking about the areas of our lives that are going well for us right now, we can take steps to consciously nurture those areas to continue that success. equally If we identify areas that we are not happy with currently, we can choose what we would like to do about it.

Achieving a balance you are happy with means you have your sh*t together - and you feel like you are rocking it!


All our MamaLearns workshops are linked to the MamaRocks Wheel.

it is your gift. Download it. Reflect on your world and then see how we can help.



Health & Wellbeing

This relates to your Mind, Body and Soul. how you currently feel about the Your mental health and intellectual stimulation; your fitness and nutrition; your spirituality and mindset? Do you have strategies in place to protect your own rest and relaxation? How would you describe your current energy levels?

Family Life

How does it feel right now in your current family set up? this includes Your relationship with your partner, your home life, your extended family network, even the physical space where you live - how happy are you with it?


what do you do for fun? Where do you get your energy? Do you have any hobbies? Are you involved in any local groups?


the support network you have in place right now. What does it look like? How confident are you in making and nurturing new relationships? How supportive are your friendships?  How meaningful?

Work & Career

Whatever your work situation is, is it giving you what you need? Are you satisfied and fulfilled with the set up? How do you feel about your current work/life balance? Are you thinking of changing career?


Are your finances in order?  Do you have a level of financial security that works for you?  have you got a good balance between spending & saving?