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Parenting with your partner: How can we collaborate more?
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Parenting with your partner: How can we collaborate more?

Check out @muminthemiddle on Instagram and Facebook

Check out @muminthemiddle on Instagram and Facebook

It's all too easy to think that the word 'co-parenting' only relates to divorced or separated couples.  It does, AND it also relates to anyone who is raising a child together. Married or not.  Together or not. 

How often in the day-to-day do you get to reflect on how you are both doing raising your mini-human?  Has anyone actually got a conscious approach when it comes to parenting together?  Well, this is a brilliant topic for us to explore and I've found the perfect guest speaker to help... it’s Anna W, aka @mum_in_the_middle!

Join us for an evening out on Wed 1st May, where @mum_in_the_middle will be answering all your co-parenting questions.. 

We will have our usual MamaClub essentials:

  • lots of laughs, fun and chatting with other local mamas

  • delicious food and drink

  • positive and motivational vibes

In addition @mum_in_the_middle will be chatting all things relationships.  She is doing amazing things raising awareness of the complications surrounding separated families and has experienced it all - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The good news is that she has got some really helpful tips on how we can all (married or not) co-parent effectively,  working together to parent our children in a way that means we end up with functioning humans AND we remain sane in the process!

Come listen to Anna, have a bite to eat and a chance to meet and chat with other local mums.  

Tickets are £12.50 and include a welcome drink and a lovely buffet

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